“Sonia Taitz has a good heart, a brave mouth, and an unmortgaged soul. Follow where she leads. You want to go there.” -John Patrick Shanley, Pulitzer, Tony, and Academy Award-Winning author of Moonstruck and Doubt
"BRAVE AND BEAUTIFUL" -- The Chicago Tribune

SONIA TAITZ is an award-winning author, playwright, essayist and advocate. A summa cum laude graduate of Barnard College, Columbia, she earned a J.D. from Yale Law School and an M.Phil in 19th Century English Literature from Oxford University, where she was awarded the Lord Bullock Prize for Writing.

Sonia has written extensively for The New York Times and The New York Observer, where she held a column. Her plays have been performed at the Oxford Playhouse, Circle Repertory Theatre, Ensemble Studio Theatre, and Primary Stages, as well as at Washington D.C.'s National Theatre and on National Public Radio.

Sonia's popular first book, MOTHERING HEIGHTS, was praised by PEOPLE, excerpted for a week in the the POST, and covered on The Today Show, NPR, CNN, and other national venues. Oprah Winfrey highlighted a section in O Magazine; this excerpt has been listed in numerous quotation anthologies (including Columbia Encyclopedia), and featured in a PBS special on love, narrated by Anna Deveare Smith.

IN THE KING'S ARMS, a novel published in 2011, was recommended by THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW, featured on the Fiction Page of The Jewish Book World, magazine of the Jewish Book Council, and nominated for its Sami Rohr Prize. Referring to this work, ForeWord Reviews placed Sonia Taitz "in the province of the best poets, playwrights, and novelists." The novel describes a forbidden love affair between the daughter of refugees and the black-sheep son of British anti-Semites. Legendary critic JESSE KORNBLUTH compared Sonia favorably to Philip Roth and Martin Amis, adding: "Move over, Evelyn Waugh!"

THE WATCHMAKER’S DAUGHTER (2012) tells the story of an American child of European concentration camp survivors. We track the author through her ambitious quest to rescue her parents from enduring trauma – and in the process, heal herself. Featuring travel, academia, and romance, her journey climaxes with a moment of surprising communion. This memoir, now being taught in both high school and university curricula, is a classic tale of forging an individual, American identity which blends past, present and future.

SONIA TAITZ 's next book (November, 2014) will be DOWN UNDER, a novel. Lighter in tone than the previous two (but with similar moral turbulence), the book fictionally depicts the middle-aged quest of a notorious movie star who holds a torch for a suburban hausfrau. We see the backstory of the boy he was, the Jewish girl he once loved, why he's found refuge in alcohol and anti-Semitism as he wends his way back to her -- and what happens when he gets there.

An AMAZON Best-Seller and Book Club Favorite

Nominated by the American Library Association for THE SOPHIE BRODY MEDAL

C-SPAN BOOK TALK: Featured Author

Recommended by:
PEOPLE Magazine: "heartwrenching and funny"
VANITY FAIR Fanfair/​ "Hot Type" (Elissa Schappell)
THE JERUSALEM REPORT ("a new voice in Jewish literature")
THE READERS' DIGEST -- "Can't-Miss" List (Dawn Raffel)
BOOKLIST: The American Library Association
KIRKUS Reviews
and more.

Featured on Ron Hogan/​ Beatrice/​Shelf Awareness Podcast:

-- James Wolcott, essayist, critic, and author of LUCKING OUT and CRITICAL MASS

-- Mark Whitaker, memoirist, Managing Editor, CNN

Beautiful, funny, poignant but not sentimental, Sonia Taitz’s memoir about growing up the child of Holocaust survivors, reads LIKE A NOVEL MADE MORE POWERFUL BY TRUTH."

"One of the YEAR'S BEST READS!" -- The Jewish Journal

"From the time Taitz was small, her parents’ stories about the Holocaust were 'like telling me about THE SECRETS OF THE COSMOS'.... Her Jewish home, 'where even the walls were sighing,' makes her eager for an outside world and education. She realizes, however, that her promised land is not Yale Law School, and finally becomes her own “true self” while studying literature at Oxford.... Even now, as the last Holocaust survivors pass away, WRENCHING REVERBERATION RUN THROUGH SONIA TAITZ'S POIGNANT, POETIC MEMOIR."
-- Whitney Scott, BOOKLIST (the American Library Association)

"THE LOVE that Sonia has for her parents, in spite of all their flaws, is TRULY AMAZING. She wants them to move forward instead of constantly backwards. Sonia's experiences and the people that she meets open her parents' eyes and helps them heal....

"EXTREMELY MOVING, SAD, FUNNY, and GORGEOUSLY WRITTEN. SONIA TAITZ IS A WORDSMITH. Every page is both descriptive and lyrical. I LOVED THIS BOOK AND DIDN'T WANT IT TO END. Very highly recommended." --Bookaholics

Read Readers Digest Review by author, editor, and founder of The Center for Fiction, Dawn Raffel

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“Heartwrenching, moving, and yes, hilarious, Taitz’s extraordinary memoir explores culture clash, Jewish roots, and the struggle to break the bonds of the past and forge your own kind of Promised Land future. But it’s also an astonishing love letter to Taitz’s Holocaust survivor parents, one that’s so fiercely tender and gorgeously written, that each page seems like a revelation.”
-Caroline Leavitt,
Boston Globe book critic and NEW YORK TIMES Best-selling author of Pictures of You

“A heartbreaking memoir of healing power and redeeming devotion, Sonia Taitz’s The Watchmaker’s Daughter has the dovish beauty and levitating spirit of a psalm…a past is here reborn and tenderly restored with the absorption of a daughter with a final duty to perform, a last act of fidelity.”
-James Wolcott,
New Yorker and Vanity Fair cultural critic, and author of the memoir Lucking Out

"An invigorating memoir about coming of age as the daughter of Lithuanian Jewish immigrants and Holocaust survivors...An affecting, brisk read, especially noteworthy for its essential optimism and accomplished turns of phrase."
-Kirkus Reviews

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Psychology Today Blog
See Sonia's columns at Psychology Today and The Huffington Post

Selected Works

Literary Non-Fiction, Jewish History, American History, Memoir
"TAITZ WEAVES HER TALE WITH MEANING AND TENDERNESS." A memoir of growing up as the child of European immigrants who are Holocaust survivors. Her bicultural, binocular life lends humor and depth to the author's story. Nominated for the Sophie Brody Medal by the American Library Association; WINNER of a BOOK OF THE YEAR MEDAL from ForeWord Reviews.
This novel, set in England in the 1970s, is a lyrical, romantic tale about the headstrong American daughter of Holocaust survivors. Seeking relief from their traumatized world, she escapes to Oxford, where she is smitten with the son of an anti-Semitic family. Amidst the drama lies a sense of magic and the healing possibility of love. Praised by THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW; Nominated for the SAMI ROHR PRIZE in Fiction.
Non-fiction, Memoir, Social commentary/Satire, Women's Studies
The book looks at the infinite variety of supposed “experts” on child-rearing, products mothers are cautioned to buy, and advances they are urged to apply to their children (such as teaching them Latin or Mandarin in utero, or training them to be gymnasts before that first crucial year has passed). Sonia Taitz reassures mothers that they are the best experts on their children, and that the intimacy born of closeness is better than any “Mommy and Me” class or flash-card drill. A classic that has been cited by O:THE OPRAH MAGAZINE as "one of the best things ever said about motherhood."

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